The Power of Wild Oregano as an Anti-Fungal Agent


Clearly, wild oregano oil is one of the most potent antifungal agents known. Regarding such oregano oil, that is the type made from the actual wild oregano food, it is exceedingly safe. The recommendations in this article area based upon this type of oregano oil. This is an issue, since there are a vast number of species and biotypes listed as oregano but only a few are truly wild oregano, that is the edible, food-grade type.

Safety is an issue, particularly in view of recommendations for the prolonged use of a substance and/or the use in large quantities. In this regard for fungal infestation prolonged use may be necessary. So, too, it may be required to take rather large doses.

The type of wild oregano oil to consume for purging fungal infestation is that which is derived from plants which grow exclusively in the Mediterranean high mountains. This oregano actually grows above the tree line up to 12, ooo feet above sea level. When analyzed, this oregano has a unique profile being low in the potentially noxious compound thymol, while being high in the readily tolerated antiseptic, carvacrol. Ideally, the extracted oregano oil should be less than one percent thymol and up to 70% carvacrol.

There is also now, direly, available GMO-tainted oregano oil, which is commonly used in nutritional supplements. This GMO-infested oregano oil is touted as being exceptionally high in carvacrol. The high carvacrol levels are artificially created through the injection of noxious bacteria into the stalks of the oregano plants (immature plants in greenhouses). Beware of oregano oil supplements touting unnaturally high carvacrol levels of 80% or more. In most cases these are GMO, especially those stating carvacrol levels over 85%.

There is some 80% naturally occurring carvacrol oregano oil available, but it is quite rare. The efficacy of such oil is high; yet, for virtually all conditions carvacrol levels of 55% to 70-% are sufficient, that is for purging fungi from the body.

One oregano oil maker, North American Herb & Spice, routinely checks its wild oregano oil for thymol levels, scoring in most batches less than 1% and in some cases less than .2%. Regarding carvacrol, levels average according to gas chromatography testing about 65%, though batches of up to 72% are not uncommon.

There be other such high-grade, wild oregano brands on the market. However, for the purposes of this assessment it is recommended that people rely on the original wild oregano maker, which routinely confirms safety and quality through vigorous batch testing.

Testing conducted by the company demonstrated that up to one in three of commercial brands are tainted with GMOs. The oils of such brands curiously have highly unnatural carvacrol levels, while also having unnaturally low levels of specific, individual ingredients. A truly wild edible oregano oil has some 30-plus active ingredients. The GMO types are scoring only half this or less, that is showing a mere 15 or lower of the expected 30 active ingredients.

Signs and symptoms of fungal infection of the body are diverse and numerous. Some of these signs and symptoms are toenail fungus, fingernail fungus, white or grey coating on the tongue, irritable bowel syndrome/spastic colon, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, sinus disorders, bronchitis, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, mental confusion/fogginess, esophagitis, excessive gas, bloating after eating, PMS, prostatitis, vaginitis, vaginal discharge, impotency, infertility, sensitivity to chemicals/fumes, joint aches, depression, and fatigue.

The purging of fungi from the body

As demonstrated by tests conducted at Georgetown University by Preuss, Ingram, and others it was determined that edible wild oregano oil is a decided antifungal agent. The wild oregano oil, it was determined, readily purges fungal infestation from the tissues, in this case Candida albicans. A human pathogenic form of this yeast was infected into the mice by oral gavage. The control mice, given merely olive oil, all died. In contrast, the mice treated with edible wild oregano, as an extra virgin olive oil emulsion, nearly all survived (35 of 36). This was via a 30-day course of oregano oil therapy. In a previous study conducted at the same institution a mere 8 day course of treatment failed to eradicate the yeast; it began regrowing after the treatment and was found alive in the kidneys of the test animals. Only the 30 day course led to complete resolution, equivalent to a 90 to 120 regimen in humans.

It was also determined that the mountain raised oregano distillate, again, in an olive oil emulsion, was superior to the synthetics. Both synthetic drugs (Amphotericin-B; Nystatin) and artificial carvacrol (powdered carvacrol, Sigma Chemical) fared more poorly than the oregano oil, causing the surviving mice to be sickly, while, in contrast, the oregano oil treated mice were vibrant and lively. The whole food wild oregano is, clearly, a complex of natural compounds, as made by the God-given powers of nature. That complex of some 32 compounds is more effective and safer than merely a single active ingredient alone.

In fact, that is the point. To eradicate the fungi and yeasts takes time and thus regarding any supplement which must be consumed the safety factor prolonged use is essential. Wild, edible oregano oil (P73 blend) can be consumed with impunity and in rather large doses to achieve such eradication.

As fungi can be resistance other spice oils may be necessary as a component of the therapy. Georgetown research demonstrated that the most potent antifungal and anti-yeast spice oils are oils of wild oregano, wild sage, wild bay leaf and also oils of cumin and cinnamon. A complex containing such oils is adjunctive in the eradication of fungal infestation.

Protocol for purging fungi and yeasts from the body

NOTE: this is not a medical claim for any company or product. Recommendations based on personal experience and experience with patients over the years.

Oil of edible wild oregano, hand-picked, mountain-grown: five to ten drops under the tongue two or three times daily

Multiple spice oil blend made from oils of oregano, cumin, sage, and bay leaf: 20 drops twice daily under the tongue or in juice/water (Note: Nail-IT is one option, also Fung-E-Clenz).

Crude wild oregano whole herb capsules with Rhus coriaria: two or more capsules twice daily

Healthy bacterial supplement (ideally made from the strain Ecologic 500): tsp. in warm water at night; also, increase the intake of high-quality probiotic-rich fermented milk products.

For difficult cases double the dose. For absolutely extreme infestation the dose can be tripled. Even so, start at the lowest dose and build up the dosage over a two-week period.

Time span for treatment: 60 to 120 days

Eradication of fungal infestation is a major achievement. As a result there will be a profound improvement in overall health.