The Cannabis Cure by Dr. Cass Ingram

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Cannabis is a health food

For perfect health and wellness, raw, organic CO2-extracted hemp is the answer. This is the nonpsycoactive cannabis/hemp, with its potent active ingredients, known as cannabinoids.
Learn how cannabinoids are essential for overall health. Find out how they help the body combat
• heart disease
• diabetes
• vulnerability to cancer
• existing cancers
• inflammation
• anxiety and depression
• seizure disorders
…and much more
Learn also how raw cannabis extract extract helps:
 • put the nerves into balance and fight insomnia
• increase focus and concentration
• ease pain
• strengthen the immune system
Read about a special raw cannabis/hemp extract fortified with wild, raw oregano, also a rich source of cannabinoids and the all-important antiinflammatory substance, beta caryophyllene.

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