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For over a decade, Knowledge House Publishers has brought together readers and authors to investigate new methods in all areas of nutritional medicine. Knowledge House’s mission—to produce, promote, document, and theorize new works exploring the worlds of nutritional medicine and spiritual enlightenment—has earned us the reputation as one of the most sought after specialty publishers operating today.

As Knowledge House evolves, we move further into the realm of nutritional medicine, with the growing interest in organic foods and the natural products sector. Knowledge House sees great opportunity for growth, specifically tailoring to those wanting to learn more about natural alternatives to prescription drugs and individuals interested in learning how to be well through nutrition.

While publishing remains central to Knowledge House’s purpose, we are also deeply involved with the spreading of our message to the masses. For years Knowledge House has been hosting countless public events, lectures, and readings, while appearing on radio programs discussing topics related to our books. We believe that Knowledge House, preservation, and community outreach has significant long-term implications for the fields of nutritional medicine. Since the mid-nineties Knowledge House has sought to produce, promote, and document investigating herbal medicine. Many of the books we have produced are in this vein, including Dr. Cass Ingram’s essential titles The Cure is the Cupboard (over 100,000 copies sold), The Body Shape Diet, and The Cure is in the Forest

Knowledge House remains committed to publishing innovative written and future visual works, observing progressive practice, and supporting adventurous bookmaking. We are dedicated to those seeking knowledge for the body, mind, and spirit.


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